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Ways to Disgust Your Cat

Open a can of refried beans. Cats have some sort of genetic encoding that recognizes the sound of a can opener and connects that sound to tuna.  And cats are such optimists when it comes to the can opener sound.  … Continue reading

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Pop Rocks

Most cats know that they are a species above humans but Sylvester thought he was one of us.  He had the coloring and voice of a Siamese but was long, lanky and easy going.  He was so tall he could … Continue reading

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Critter Control

Sammy was a stray, part Siamese cat that Mom brought home from school one day.  When we got him, his tail was broken and he was a little jumpy so I think his previous life was rough.  He had some … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham

The Magic of Dr. Seuss When I was a child, my parents had to bribe me with bedtime stories to get me to go to bed.  I had a small library of books but my favorite book was Green Eggs … Continue reading

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Recipe Guinea Pigs

Ever seen a recipe that grabs your interest but also carries the potential to be a culinary disaster?  You can hear the adventurous part of yourself egging you on, “Go on!  Try it!  How bad can it be?”  But the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Carb Buster

Before the Adkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, and the Zone Diet, my grandfather discovered the ultimate low carb diet.  He had Diabetes and was supposed to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates.  In some ways, he followed the standard protocol.  … Continue reading

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Addicted: Take Two

Addicted:  Take Two In retrospect, I realize that my plunge into addiction to dehydrating started as a child.  I remember seeing a package of sundried tomatoes in the store.  I wanted to try them but my mother refused to buy … Continue reading

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I never thought it would happen to me. It never even occurred to me that a person could get addicted to dehydrating. I was oblivious to the tell tale signs of an addiction when I saw my neighbors’ eyes gleam … Continue reading

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