Pop Rocks

Most cats know that they are a species above humans but Sylvester thought he was one of us.  He had the coloring and voice of a Siamese but was long, lanky and easy going.  He was so tall he could stretch up from the floor and rest his chin on the kitchen table.   Though he never begged for food – he had too much self-esteem for that – he did stare us down as we ate as if he were trying to hypnotize us into giving him a sample of whatever we were eating.
My parents had very strict rules about not feeding pets at the table so as long as my parents were around, his charm was thwarted.  But any time he caught me eating anything (and I do mean anything) away from the table, he worked his magic.  I couldn’t resist his hypnotic skills.  I shared whatever I had with him – potato chips, pickles, crackers, even candy.
Once (OK probably more than once) I shared Pop Rocks with him.  Pop Rocks came out in the 70’s and contained carbon dioxide that made it and fizzle and pop as it dissolved in your mouth.  It probably wasn’t best idea but it was funny.  At first bite, he just looked puzzled, like, “Why would anyone want to eat this?”  Then, as it started to dissolve, you could literally see the fizzling move down his throat.  His eyes popped and you could see parts of his neck jump as the rocks did their thing.


About reginasewell

I am a counselor, psychodramatist, writer, healing practitioner and college professor. I have a monthly column, "InsightOut" in Outlook (www.outlookcolumbus.com), an essay, "Sliding Away" in "Knowing Pains" and a book out "We're Here! We're Here! We're Queer! Get Used to Us!" My goal, through my writing, counseling and teaching is to help people heal from the emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that keep them from living engaging and meaningful lives.
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